Getting Started

Welcome to Lee Day Live!

This page is the area from which you will dive into our virtual Lee Day experience. Here you can begin the Lee Day Live Challenge, in which you will view videos, participate in live events, and earn awards and points to qualify for gifts and a chance to win a scholarship. Participate in these events and earn awards and points, which you can view on your profile screen. You can even earn your way to the leaderboard. Be sure to join the live Finale session on time to be eligible for prizes. Lee Day Live is a fun, virtual way to discover all that Lee has to offer. Go through the Getting Started section below, and you are on your way.

Getting Started


2 Getting Started Awards

  • Register for Lee Day Live (25 points)
  • How to Do Lee Day Live (100 points)

How to complete this challenge:

Part of getting started is registering for Lee Day Live. Registering makes you eligible for the Lee Day Live Challenge, completing tasks, earning awards and points, and qualifying for gifts and drawings. If you are registered and logged in, the progress bar above will show you’ve already completed a task and earned some points. So in short, to complete the Getting Started challenge, two tasks must be completed: Register for Lee Day Live and watch the How to Do Lee Day Live video. You can earn extra credit by Boosting Your Profile as described below the How-to video. Throughout the Lee Day Live experience, you will be given codes to record so that you receive points for completing tasks. Submit these codes on any page of the challenge in the “How to complete this challenge” section. Warning: Your earnings and progress cannot be recorded if you are not logged in. Log in with the link in the upper right corner of your screen.

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How to Do Lee Day Live (100 points)

This tutorial will show you the ropes of Lee Day Live, from getting set up with a profile, completing tasks and earning awards in the Lee Day Live Challenge, and getting the most out of your virtual Lee Day experience. After the video, submit the unique code into the box above to verify you have completed that task.

If you are having trouble viewing this video, try watching it by clicking this link.

Getting Started Extra Credit


1 Getting Started Extra Credit Award

  • Boost Your Profile (25 points)

Boost Your Profile (25 points)

Your profile is your window to the Lee Day Live community. Tell us and others about yourself to enhance your profile by clicking the Profile tab above, and be sure to include your Instagram handle, so your profile will include it. Don’t be a stranger – show how much you share in common with your fellow Lee Day Live participants. You don’t have to enter a code to get credit for this one, we’ll take care of it for you.

Are you finished with Getting Started?

Enter the Lee Day Live Challenge by clicking the Challenge tab in the menu at the top of the page, and selecting Your Progress.